Congratulations to Tania Stradaioli for the best Santa Claus ever!


Congratulations to Sara and Emilio Veloci!

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Maria Vago is the winner of a copy of Like!

Il disegno è accattivante,

l’editore intelligente 

Senza troppo sospirare

ti ritrovi a sganciare

i soldini per il gioco,

che non costa proprio poco.

Ma poi pensi ch’è Natale,

e un regalo non fa male.


Siamo i ratti della peste.

Avanziamo scaltri e lesti.

Abbiam zampe rosa e magre

abbiam code lunghe e glabre

i pelacci folti e scuri

i dentoni gialli e duri.

Ci portiamo addosso il morbo:

chi ci tocca…. è un uomo morto.


Non ci ferman le dogane,

non ci blocca muro o mare:

profittiamo di ogni scalo

per diffondere il contagio.

Zozzi e zitti usciamo fuori:

siamo esperti e veri untori.

Se ci attacca – pazzo! – un gatto

lo facciamo a tocchi e a pezzi.


Siamo grandi viaggiatori.

Con gli occhietti tondi e neri,

esploriamo il mondo intorno.

Puoi trovarci anche all’inferno…

Siamo razza maledetta,

chi c’incontra, presto schiatta.

Siamo i ratti della peste,

chi c’incontra… ebbè, ci resta!


Ma nel gioco che hai comprato

siamo in mano al giocatore.

Se non ha la mente accorta,

se fortuna non l’assiste

e gli tiene un po’ la parte

per noi ratti c’è… la morte.

Chi non fa le scelte buone

che la peste lo bubboni! 

Maria Vago

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Hi everybody!
Christmas is coming, that magical time of year when you have to feel good and nice, eat a lot of chocolate and spend a lot of money to buy gifts for your friends and family. But one thing is still missing to create the perfect atmosphere... what is that, I hear you say? But a new foolish Cranio Creations contest of course, what else?
Participating is as simple as ever: send us a Christmas-themed photo, drawing or text (rhymes, while not required, are greatly appreciated) that in some way relates to one or more of our games and/or any of their components. Keep in mind that your "work" will be evaluated by us according to our taste, give or take, as debatable as it may be.
Send the material here: info@craniocreations.com
The prize for the winners are 1 copy of Tzolk'in Italian edition (1st place), 1 copy of 1969 (2nd place) and 1 of Like: the Social Game (3rd place). The contest will end on December 25 and winners will be announced in early January (yes, unlike Santa's elvish little helpers, we go on holiday at Christmas, just like all the other mortal beings).
Good Luck ... and Merry Christmas!
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Here: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/890466/coffee-haus-games-1969-contest-ends-dec-4th

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Vote here!

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This year we are very cool! 3 nomination for us at the Best of Show award in Lucca Comics and Games!

Like - the Social Game: nomination for the Best Card Game!

Sheepland: nomination for the Best Family Game!

1969: nomination for the Best Expert Game!

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We have the three winners of the contest!

Here the solution!

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Welcome to our new silly contest: Gunfight at the O.K. Cranio!!!

Here are the rules: we have hidden the above image in the website. You have to seek and find it (the one in this news does not count!) and write us as soon as possible here! The first 3 people to find the image will win 2 Revolver bonus cards and an Horse Fever T-Shirt that will be sent directly to their house!

Hint: pay attention while searching!

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A year has already come and gone since we launched our new website. To celebrate the event, we decided to make you a small gift... and as usual we will launch yet another senseless contest!
On February 28th (the anniversary date) you will find a news on the website entitled "Our website turns 1!" To enter the competition all you'll have to do will be to leave a comment to the aforementioned news no later than the midnight of February 28th.
The person who will write the most disgusting, silly, hypocritical message of good wishes, filled with rave reviews to the website and appreciation to ourselves (in our sole discretion) will be awarded 1 box of Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space!
See you soon!


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Marco Cevoli e Virginia Dell'amico!!!!!



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It's Christmas and we are all better... with a heart full of Love and Good Feelings, Cranio Creations has decided to raffle off two copies of Horse Fever (2nd edition). But not only! To each copy we'll also attach an elegant t-shirt adorned by our grim skullish banner.
To participate to the contest all you have to do is just click on the "Like" button you can find under our logo on top of every page on our website by midnight on the 31 January. On that date, we'll extract at random from all members of our Facebook page the two lucky winners, which will be sent an email asking for the address to send the prize to. A good deal for a simple click!
Merry Christmas ... and good luck!


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The prizes of the next RPG Italian Championship are provided from Cranio Creations! Good luck to all the players, you could win all our games!


Here the winners: http://pinco11.blogspot.com/2011/06/ce-un-regalo-per-voi-monkey-see-monkey.html

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